Farmshelf CEO Counts On Manufacturing Scale To Become Big Hydroponic Feeder

And already Farmshelf has experienced the backing of another manufacturer based an ocean away and in an entirely different industry: Mini, the BMW-owned car brand, took Farmshelf under its wings as part of its Urban-X startup-incubator program and then invested in the company, along with angel investors including a handful of Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrity chefs

Indoor Ag-Con Las Vegas Announces Dates, Location For 2020 Edition

"Whether industry members are just starting out, scaling up, buying from or selling to indoor vertical farms, our 2020 edition’s enhanced programming and new show floor features will offer even more opportunities to connect all agriculture supply chain stakeholders,” says Nancy Hallberg, co-owner of Indoor Ag-Con LLC along with other event industry veterans Brian Sullivan and Kris Sieradzki.

CubicFarm(R) Systems Corp Is Pleased To Announce Our Largest Sale of A Commercial-Scale System In the US

CubicFarms is pleased to announce the sale of its second commercial-scale farm in the US, in the State of Montana. The system's plan includes 18 CubicFarms patented growing machines, 2 patented germination machines, along with Cubic's proprietary supporting irrigation system. At approximately $3 million USD, this represents the second-largest sale to date