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Motorleaf's Software Cuts SunSelect's Yield Prediction Error Rates In Half

Motorleaf has launched it’s platform with a world first for greenhouse owners/operators, allowing for accurate Yield Prediction.



Motorleaf has come out of private BETA with a commercially available yield prediction service for commercial greenhouses, after working closely with SunSelect (150 acres in California & B.C.) with results that disrupt how commercial greenhouse farms worldwide can now operate their business, adding significant dollars to their client’s bottom line.

Philips Lighting’s New GrowWise Control System Gives Growers and Researchers More Flexibility and Control For LED Cultivation 

“This is our first step towards digitization of Horti LED lighting systems,” said Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Philips Lighting. “The GrowWise Control System is the hardware platform that will allow us to build digital lighting control in the future. This will replace our current analog research systems.”