Philips Lighting Signs Deal With Glinwell PLC For First 100% LED Installation in The UK to Grow High-Wire Cucumbers 

“For years, we have seen growers reap the benefits of using our LEDs in the cultivation of high-wire tomatoes. These range from higher yields and better quality fruit to more control over the growing climate and energy costs,” said Udo van Slooten, Business Leader Horticulture at Philips Lighting. “Now we see these benefits also being achieved by high-wire cucumber growers. We expect that the only way is up for LED in high-wire cultivation.”

World’s First Solar Powered Indoor Vertical Farm Comes To Philadelphia

“To this point, the city of Philadelphia has only ~8 acres of urban farming, mainly because there’s no available land for growing crops traditionally. By bringing the growing process indoors, in line with our mission of social responsibility, we are revitalizing abandoned spaces and are using them for local food production. We are empowering a new generation of farmers to grow food for cities, in cities.

Vanilla The Next Hydroponic Cash Crop?

Extreme weather events like Enawo are becoming increasingly common, especially if hurricane season in the United States was any indicator this year. Yet, vertical farms, which can be situated in more mellow outdoor climates while dialing in the perfect conditions for indoor growing, might be uniquely positioned to produce these crops in spite of those weather events.