Empowering Indoor Farming

Empowering Indoor Farming


With integrated, intuitive and intelligent solutions to achieve maximum efficiency, quality, and profitability.

CoolFarm came up in this new context where our dominant food paradigm is breaking down: climate change, increasing droughts, soil depletion and disease, excess fertilization, phosphorus scarcity, water pollution, chemical overloads, pollinator destruction, and biodiversity loss, threaten our business-as-usual approach to food production. Consumers and retailers are increasingly demanding safer, high-quality foods with less unpaid burden on our shared environment and public health. It’s forecasted that by 2050 we will need to feed more than 10 billion people, requiring a 70% increase in global food production.

CoolFarm brings a disruptive technology that helps to solve this problem. No matter if we are talking about greenhouses or warehouses (urban farming, indoor farming inside the cities), crop production is optimized, resulting in more efficient management of human resources, maximum water, nutrients, acid, and energy savings. The technology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, aiming at growing crops in the most efficient way, giving to them what they need and when they need it. All data is managed in the cloud and can be assessed online or offline, through mobile phones, tablets or laptops. For this CoolFarm also developed an innovative optical sensor called CoolFarm Eye that sees and feels the plants behaviors regarding all the actions that are being taken over the crops, allowing plant awareness.


CoolFarm Eye  


The Eye is a smart camera that uses NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) technology combined with advanced computer vision algorithms to measure plant size (Leaf Area Index), growth rate and health index. All data is pushed to the cloud and displayed on your CoolFarm dashboard. It comes equipped with an anti-fog fisheye lens, allowing it to be installed in vertical farming warehouses or normal greenhouses. The Eye uses a single PoE (Power over Ethernet) connection for a cleaner installation, using a single cable for both power and communication. It is equipped with a Web server that allows an easy setup of the sensor, as well as direct access to all images used during the image processing algorithm (raw, LAI and NDVI), for an easier calibration process.

CoolFarm in/cloud

in/coud is made for growers that want to keep their current control systems but also want to manage their farms at once, anywhere and anytime, integrating all relevant data in a unique and easy to use dashboard. The software features are: recipes module to control any relevant variable such as the light cycle, water cycle, nutrients tanks, air specifications and water conditions; integrated data in real time; notifications; powerful analytics; activity log; complete administrative panel to create and manage all users and farms at once. 

CoolFarm in/control

in/control is the all-in-one control system easily adapted to all indoor typologies and growing techniques. It ́s the most integrated, intuitive and intelligent control system available in the market. It includes all in/cloud features and all CoolFarm sensors: Air temperature, Humidity, and CO2; CoolFarm Eye; pH; EC; DO; ORP; Ammonia; Nitrate; Nitrite; Water Flow; Level Sensor and Pressure Sensor.

CoolFarm in/store

To be unveiled to the world in March 2017 at EuroShop (http://www.euroshop-tradefair.com/ ) retail trade fair, in/store is the ultimate turnkey solution to grow indoor! It is a closed climatized and vertical space that works with hydroponics, LED lights, growing beds managed by lifts (that work both vertically and horizontally) and with all CoolFarm Technology inside (meaning that it is intelligent and can be controlled remotely).

The goal is to bring fresh crops into different commercial places, close to people and all year round, with the capability to manage crops cycles in time, meaning more production, no costs in transportation, less environmental pollution and zero waste. 

The system is built in a way that there is no need for the operator to enter inside the module to harvest or monitor the crops, since the machine provides to him what he needs and when he needs, eliminating all contamination risks.

If a client wants to grow a large scale production, the client just needs to buy several modules (flexible in height and width). The modules work together like a puzzle, meaning that the client just needs to have one unique feed of water and nutrients for all of them (for example).

It was designed not only to grow plants but also to germinate them.



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