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Mariculture or Marine Farming, Algae and Aquaculture: Revolution In Food and Biomass Production (REFAB)

The REFAB conference will present four examples of modern aqua- and mariculture solutions to answer most relevant questions on the potential of mariculture for the future food security and the application of the existing technologies, such as modular floating farms, aquaponics and production of diverse foods from algae and seaweeds.

Growing Food With Fish Poop: How These 'Farmers of The Future' Are Feeding Toronto Ripple Farms Is Bringing The Farm To The City, One Shipping Container At A Time

The pair co-founded Ripple Farms, an agri-tech startup, in 2016 after graduating from Seneca College's green business management program. "Both of us were looking at something that we could apply our knowledge or expertise into to help make the world a better place," Hebor, the company's chief operating officer, said.