4th Annual Forum And Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2019

4th Annual Forum And Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2019

Investment projects on construction and modernisation of greenhouse complexes will be presented at the 4th Annual Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2019

4th Annual Forum and Exhibition Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2019 – is an established professional international platform for attracting investment in the Greenhouse Industry of Russia, discussion of industry development strategies, exchanging of experience between key market players and signing new win-win contracts.

Over 700 leaders and senior executives of agricultural holdings, greenhouse complexes, initiators of investment projects, investors, retail chains, government officials, producers and providers of equipment and related services for the greenhouse industry took part in the Greenhouse Complexes Russia Forum 2018.  Delegates from more than 20 countries participated in the event. 500+ business meetings were conducted at the Forum. 

Greenhouse Complexes Russia 2018 in facts and figures:

  • Support and personal involvement of Dzhambulat Khatuov, Russian First Deputy Minister of Agriculture

  • 700+ participants, top managers of the largest greenhouse holdings, agriholdings and agricultural enterprises of Russia and the CIS – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

  • Just to name a few: APH ECO-culture, Greenhouse Growth Technology, Lipetskagro, Agrocombinat Yuzhniy, Agrocomplex Churilovo, Agrofirma Vyborgec, Agro Management, Belaya Dacha Trading, Agrocultura Group, Chekhovsky Sad, Udmurt Flowers, AgroInwest, Greenhouse, Penzensky Greenhouse Plant, Agrocomplex Ivanisovo, BRBAPK, Spayka, Agrocomplex Sunzha, Agromarket, Andropovsky Greenhouse Plant, Green Eco, Grow Group Azerbaijan, Grodno Vegetable Factory, Agrocomplex Rodina, Tatarinovo Greenhouse Plant, GBU Ozelenenie,  GUP VOSHP Zarya, Rodina (Grozny), TK Aleksandrovsky, TK Volzhsky, Agrocomplex Volzhsky, Crimea Vegetable Factory, Agrocomplex Doskino, Ryazan Vegetables, Belogorya Greenhouse Complex, Tonshalovsky Greenhouse Complex, Greenhouse Blagoveschensk,  TK YugAgroHolding, TK Orlovsky, TK Red Square, Demetra Technology, May Garden, TK Ryazan Roses, TPK Agroculture, FerElGam, EkoProdukt, Ekoresource, Donskoy Greenhouse Plant, Chistye Bory Greenhouse Plant, Turovsky Greenhouse Complex and many others.

  • Government delegations headed by Andrey Razin, Minister of Agriculture and Food Production for the Moscow region, Vladimir Sitnikov, Minister of Agriculture, Stavropol Territory, Boris Shemyakin, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Production for the Ryazan region and many others.

  • Delegates from 20 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Netherlands, Spain, Azerbaijan, Italy, Morocco, the USA and many others.

  • delegations from the key greenhouse industry companies have confirmed their participation in the 4th Annual International Investment Forum and ExhibitionGreenhouse Complexes Russia and CIS 2019 (4-5 December, Moscow), among them: Tander, Agrocomplex, Four Seasons, Greenhouse Complex Belorechenskiy, Green Eco, Belaya Dacha Trading, Fleuer de Lys, Greenhouse-Pro, Green Farmer, Vostok, Sady Giganta, Greenhouse Complex IRS AGRO, Siberian Greenhouse, Prigorodny,  Ozelenenie,  Agrocomplex Churilovo, Grow Group Azerbaijan and many others.

    Gold Sponsor: Signify, Silver Sponsors: Green Automation Export, Svetogor, Bronze Sponsors: Rijk Zwaan, Royal Brinkman. Industry partner: Greenhouses of Russia Association. 

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    Among the speakers and the honoured guests:

    • Sergey Rybakov, General Director, Agrocomplex

    • Tatiana Olkina, General Director, YugAgro

    • Anton Semenov, General Director, Belaya Dacha Trading

    • Anatoliy Tarasov, General Director, Belogorie Greenhouses

    • Gennadiy Dmitrenko, General Director, Teplichnoe (Tambov)

    • Roman Shnaiderman, Director, GreenEco

    • David Soltanov, Founder, Greenhouse-Pro

    • Elena Shleina, General Director, Penza Greenhouse Complex

    • Robert Kotsinyan, Director, Green Farmer

    • Elena Polupanova, Director, Sady Giganta

    • Vasil Ursulyak, Director, Siberian Greenhouse and many others.

    To register, please contact me by the contact details below or register here

Date: 4-5 December 2019

Organised by: Vostock Capital

Website: https://www.greenhousesforum.com/

Contact: Elvira Sakhabutdinova, Project Director

+7 495 109 9 509


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