Ecological Farming

Ecological Farming

Ecological Farming

Today, people are much more aware of organic life and organic growing.

This is not a trend, and organic life is not a new concept to the earth.

Today, we need to speak and write about organic farming and life.

Organic farming is a natural way of farming. Ecological farming, integrated farming, and permaculture are all the same (in principle), while the methods of practice, may be different.  

"I was standing in front of my class of students on my first day of teaching at my university." I am not mean I was a teacher, I was standing as a student.

I asked them, what are the impacts of Bt eggplant and GMO. One girl said Monsanto is producing Bt-based crops. One girl asked me, why should I know about GMO? I asked her when you’re hungry, what’ll you do? She said I’ll take food.

Whether you are an engineer, a doctor, a mathematician, an astrologist – you should know and participate in farming, because you need food (and food free of chemicals).

We have rights as to what we have to eat and what we are eating. 

If you choose to remain quiet, someone will make the decision(s) for you of what you have to eat.

I tell you one thing – speak to yourself and ask questions. Spend one day, go somewhere and don’t eat food. Ask yourself the following question to your soul …

What is the purpose of my life?

Why am I here?

Who am I?

Am I happy?

Am I healthy?

Am I alright?

I invite you to the beautiful life. I will write what I know to save humans.

- Praveen Xavior Pandiyan   

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