Stories From Around the Food System

Stories From Around the Food System

How to go from City Living to Urban Farming in Six Months [Northeastern]

Do you know where your leafy greens come from? If you’re dining at a restaurant in Boston, there’s a good chance the salad greens you’re eating have been grown by two friends inside a small apartment in the city’s South End neighborhood.

Urban Farmers Forced Off Land Find New Ground to Grow [Chicago Tribune]

The wind-whipped rooftop of a converted warehouse in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor might be the last place you'd expect to find fertile farmland, unless you're Jen Rosenthal, founder and owner of Planted Chicago.

Urban Agriculture Could Transform Food Security []

Using science, technology and innovation (STI) could help promote the use of urban agriculture to sustain food and nutrition security in African cities, experts say.

Helping the Homeless Through Farm-to-Table Training [Great Big Story]

There’s a San Francisco garden growing more than just produce. In a city plagued by homelessness, the Farming Hope Initiative offers urban farming and cooking training to those without a place to live.



The Water Wars of Arizona [New York Times]

Attracted by lax regulations, industrial agriculture has descended on a remote valley, depleting its aquifer — leaving many residents with no water at all.

Weird New Fruits Could Hit Aisles Soon Thanks to Gene Editing [Guardian]

Smooth or hairy, pungent or tasteless, deep-hued or bright: new versions of old fruits could be hitting the produce aisles as plant experts embrace cutting-edge technology, scientists say.



Giant Indoor Vertical Farm Launches Just East of Las Vegas [CNBC]

An indoor vertical farm that uses 90 percent less water than conventional growers is about to launch in Las Vegas and will be able to supply nearly 9,500 servings of leafy green salads per day to casinos and local restaurant chains.

Meriden Aquaponics Scores $500K for New Haven Expansion [Hartford Business]

Meriden-based Trifecta Ecosystems, an aquaponics technology company and indoor farm, has received a $500,000 investment to grow its aquatic systems in the New Haven region.

Dubai Will Be Home To the World’s Biggest Vertical Farm [Smithsonian]

An indoor megafarm might be the best way for the United Arab Emirates—a country that imports an estimated 85 percent of its food—to attempt to feed itself

Take Charge of Your Food: Your Health is Your Business

Take Charge of Your Food: Your Health is Your Business

The Components of Personal Container Farming

The Components of Personal Container Farming