The Ag Tech Market Map: 100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness

The Ag Tech Market Map: 100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness

MAY 18, 2017

The Ag Tech Market Map: 100+ Startups Powering The Future Of Farming And Agribusiness

Corporate investors such as Mitsui, Monsanto, and Syngenta have backed startups improving irrigation, crop spraying, harvesting, and more.

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As population growth increases the need to ramp up food production, tech startups are creating a range of agricultural software, services, farming techniques, and more aimed at bringing more data and efficiency to the sector.

We used CB Insights data to identify more than 100 private companies in agriculture tech and categorized them into nine main categories. We define ag tech as technology that increases the efficiency of farms, in the form of software, sensors, aerial-based data, internet-based distribution channels (marketplaces), and tools for technology-enabled farming. We only include companies that primarily target the agricultural sector.

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The breakdown is as follows:

  • Farm Management Software: This includes software like that produced by Andreessen Horowitz-backed Granular that allows farmers to more efficiently manage their resources, crop production, farm animals, etc.
  • Precision Agriculture and Predictive Data Analytics: These startups include those that focus on using big data and predictive analytics to address farm-related issues and make better farm-related decisions in order to save energy, increase efficiency, optimize herbicide and pesticide application (such as Prospera, which uses machine vision and artificial intelligence), and manage risk, among other uses.
  • Sensors: Startups in the sensor category include Arable, which offers smart sensors that collect data and help farmers monitor crop health, weather, and soil quality.
  • Animal Data: These companies provide software and hardware specifically aimed at better understanding livestock, from breeding patterns (Connecterra) to genomics (TL Biolabs).
  • Robotics and Drones: This category includes drone companies and related drone services that cater to agricultural needs (such as TerrAvion), as well as robots or intelligent farm machines that perform various farm functions more efficiently (such as Blue River Technology, backed by Monsanto Growth Ventures, Syngenta Ventures, and Khosla Ventures, among others).
  • Smart Irrigation: These startups, including Hortau, provide systems that help monitor and automate water usage for farms using various data exhausts.
  • Next Gen Farms: A growing category of companies that utilize technology to provide alternative farming methods to enable farming in locations and settings that cannot support traditional farming. Examples include AeroFarms for vertical farming and BrightFarms for new greenhouses.
  • Marketplaces: These startups offer marketplaces relevant to agriculture by connecting farmers directly to suppliers or consumers without any middlemen. While some are e-commerce platforms, others use tech to facilitate physical marketplaces (La Ruche Qui Dit Oui).
  • Plant Data/Analysis: These startups are getting more granular data about plant composition (microbial makeup, genetic expression, etc.) and/or analyzing that data to improve seed research & development and breeding (such as Benson Hill Biosystems).

Some companies may overlap with different categories and are grouped according to their main use case.

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See the full company list below:

The Growing Ag tech Industry

CompanySelect InvestorsCategory

Advanced Animal DiagnosticsCultivian Sandbox, InterSouth Partners, Kansas Bioscience Authority, LabCorp, Middleland Capital, Novartis Venture FundsAnimal Data

FarmnoteColopl, GREE, Kanematsu, Kotaro ChibaAnimal Data

Stellapps TechnologiesOmnivore PartnersAnimal Data

MastilineSHIFT InvestAnimal Data

TL BioLabsY CombinatorAnimal Data

ConnecterraBreed Reply, DeNA, Elias Tabet, MENA Venture InvestmentsAnimal Data

CowlarY CombinatorAnimal Data

MoocallThe Pearse Lyons AcceleratorAnimal Data

FarmdokCega GmbH, Tecent EquityFarm Management Software

LandmappHERi Africa, Omidyar NetworkFarm Management Software

AegroSP Ventures, WOW AceleradoraFarm Management Software

ScoutproUndisclosed InvestorsFarm Management Software

GranularAndreessen Horowitz, Emory Investment Management, Fall Line Capital, Google Ventures, H. Barton Asset Management, Khosla Ventures, Tao Capital PartnersFarm Management Software

AgworldREV, Yuuwa CapitalFarm Management Software

AgriviSouth Central VenturesFarm Management Software

ConservisCultivian Sandbox, Heartland Advisors, Middleland CapitalFarm Management Software

Crop-in Technology SolutionsAnkur Capital, Sophia ApSFarm Management Software

TreckerUndisclosed InvestorsFarm Management Software

PickTraceFundersClub, Y CombinatorFarm Management Software

FarmLogsAndreessen Horowitz, Drive Capital, First Step Fund, Huron River Ventures, Hyde Park Angels, Hyde Park Venture Partners, Sam Altman, Silicon Badia, Start Fund, SV Angel, Y CombinatorFarm Management Software

AgriwebbAl Hamra, John MurrayFarm Management Software

OnFarm SystemsMaxfield Capital, Sacramento AngelsFarm Management Software

AggrigatorUndisclosed InvestorsMarketplaces

AgroStarAavishkaar, IDG Ventures IndiaMarketplaces

La Ruche Qui Dit OuiBNP Paribas Securities Corporation, Caisse des Depots et Consignations, Christophe Duhamel, Felix Capital, Kima Ventures, Marc Simoncini, Paris Initiative Enterprises, Quadia, Siparex, Union Square Ventures, XAnge Private EquityMarketplaces

AgriconomieElaia PartnersMarketplaces

EM3 AgriservicesAspada AdvisorsMarketplaces

YagroUndisclosed InvestorsMarketplaces

Bowery FarmingBoxGroup, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, First Round CapitalNext Gen Farms

Alesca LifeBits x Bites, The Pearse Lyons AcceleratorNext Gen Farms

Freight FarmsBridge Boys, Kickstarter, LaunchCapital, Morningside Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Spark Capital, TechStarsNext Gen Farms

Aero Farms21Ventures, GSR Ventures, Middleland Capital, Missionpoint Capital Partners, Quercus Trust, Wheatsheaf InvestmentsNext Gen Farms

BrightFarmsNGEN Partners, WP Global Partners, Emil Capital PartnersNext Gen Farms

FreshboxChalsys LLPNext Gen Farms

Green Sense FarmsUndisclosed InvestorsNext Gen Farms

Gotham GreensUndisclosed InvestorsNext Gen Farms

CiBOFlagship PioneeringPlant Data/Analysis

Trace GenomicsIllumina Ventures, Fall Line Capital, Refactor CapitalPlant Data/Analysis

Benson Hill BiosystemsBioGenerator, iSelect Fund, Lewis & Clark VenturesPlant Data/Analysis

AgronosticoNXTP LabsPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

AgribleArcher Daniels Midland Company, Flyover Capital, Serra VenturesPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

GamayaSeed4Equity, VI PartnersPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

S4Arch Grants, BioGenerator, SixThirty, The Yield LabPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

ObserveEntrepreneur FirstPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

StriderBarn Investimentos, Monashees Capital, Qualcomm VenturesPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

GeoVisual AnalyticsTHRIVE AcceleratorPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

AgrilystBrooklyn Bridge Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures, TechCrunch DisruptPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

CropMetricsUndisclosed InvestorsPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

Adapt-NArmory Square Ventures, Arthur Ventures, Cayuga Venture FundPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

Farmers Business NetworkKleiner Perkins Caufield & ByersPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

Premier Crop SystemsUndisclosed InvestorsPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

BovcontrolRedpoint, MassChallengePrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

CropZilla SoftwareUndisclosed InvestorsPrecision Agriculture And Predictive Analytics

MyAgDataAdams Street Partners, Alpha Capital Partners, Don Walsworth, Early Investments, John Rose, October Capital, OpenAir Equity Partners, River Cities Capital Fund, Saints Capital, Thorndale FarmPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

AgralogicsUndisclosed InvestorsPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

ProsperaBessemer Venture Partners, HishtilPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

aWhereAgFunder, Aravaipa Ventures, Elixir CapitalPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

ec2ecUndisclosed InvestorsPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

Flurosatmuru-DPrecision Agriculture and Predictive Analytics

Mavrx ImagingShasta Ventures, Slow VenturesRobotics and Drones

FarmBotSYD Ventures, muru-DRobotics and Drones

Airwood AerostructuresStartupXseed VenturesRobotics and Drones

Raptor, MIT $100K Entrepreneurship CompetitionRobotics and Drones

Harvest CROOUndisclosed InvestorsRobotics and Drones

Blue River TechnologyData Collective, Innovation Endeavors, Khosla Ventures, Monsanto Growth Ventures, National Science Foundation, Pontifax, Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, Steve Blank, Syngenta Ventures, Ulu VenturesRobotics and Drones

SkySquirrel TechnologiesInNOVAcorpRobotics and Drones

SkycisionAccelepriseRobotics and Drones

Leading Edge TechnologiesUndisclosed InvestorsRobotics and Drones

TerrAvionFundersClub, Y CombinatorRobotics and Drones

RessonBDC Capital, BDC Venture Capital, Build Ventures, East Valley Ventures, Monsanto Growth Ventures, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Rho CanadaRobotics And Drones

Abundant RoboticsGoogle Ventures, KPCB Edge, Yamaha Motor VenturesRobotics And Drones

Ceres ImagingImagineH20, Lemnos Labs, Silicon BadiaRobotics and Drones

Centaur AnalyticsOurCrowd, PJ Tech CatalystSensors

SLANTRANGEMainsail Partners, The Investor GroupSensors


Motorleaf500 startupsSensors

PycnoHAX, Launch KCSensors

Spensa TechnologiesEmerging Innovations Fund, Radicle Capital, Village CapitalSensors

Amber AgricultureiVenture AcceleratorSensors

FieldInTerra Venture PartnersSensors

SaturasThe Trendlines GroupSensors

Acuity AgricultureTHRIVE AcceleratorSensors

FarmobileAnterra CapitalSensors

GrassometerEnterprise Ireland, Kernel CapitalSensors

PhytechMitsui & Co., Syngenta VenturesSensors

Farmers EdgeFairfax Financial Holdings, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Mitsui & Co.Sensors

ArableSparkLabs, Imagine H20Sensors

MimosaTEKExpara AcceleratorSensors

Smart YieldsEnergy Excelerator, Blue StartupsSensors

Flux8200 EISPSensors

Garden SpaceHAXSensors

SemiosFedDev Ontario, Haywood Securities, Niagara Angel Network, Verizon CommunicationsSensors

SencropBreega Capital, Emertec GestionSensors

FlowiusImagine H20Smart Irrigation

TevatronicThe Pearse Lyons AcceleratorSmart Irrigation

LivnStart-up ChileSmart Irrigation

HortauAdvantage Capital Partners, Avrio Capital, BDC Venture Capital, Business Capital, Desjardins Venture Capital, TelesystemSmart Irrigation

SprinklIan Woodward-SmithSmart Irrigation

Smart Farm SystemsUndisclosed InvestorsSmart Irrigation

Powwow EnergyCalifornia Energy CommissionSmart Irrigation

HydroPoint Data SystemsChrysalix Global Network, Chrysalix Venture Capital, Firelake Capital, J.F. Shea Venture CapitalSmart Irrigation

CropXFinistere Ventures, GreenSoil Investments, Innovation Endeavors, Lab IX,, Robert Bosch Venture CapitalSmart Irrigation

AquaSpyAlpina Partners, Centre for Energy and Greenhouse Technologies, Cleantech Ventures, Colonial First State Private Equity, Cultivian Ventures, Emerald Technology Ventures, ES Ventures, Gresham Rabo Management, Nanyang VenturesSmart Irrigation

EdynFenox Venture Capital, Idea Bulb Ventures, Indicator Ventures, Kickstarter, Morningside Ventures, QueensBridge Venture Partners, THRIVE Accelerator, Y CombinatorSmart Irrigation

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